Apple 850AV Computer Monitor User Manual

This chapter explains how to install AppleVision software on your
Mac OS–based computer and provides an overview of software features. If
you’re using the monitor with a Windows-based computer, see Chapter 4,
“Using Your Monitor With Windows-Based Computers.”
Installing AppleVision software
To i n s t a ll AppleVision software on a Mac OS–based computer, follow
these steps:
1Make sure you have System 7.1 or later installed.
You need a Mac OS–based computer running System 7.1 or later to use the
software. If you don’t have System 7.1 or later, contact an Apple-authorized
dealer or service provider.
Note: You must connect your monitor to a computer with a 68040 processor
or PowerPC
. The monitor does not work with computers that have been
upgraded to a 68040 processor from earlier processors, such as a 68030
2 Insert the
AppleVision Software
CD-ROM disc into the computer’s CD-ROM drive.
The CD icon appears on the desktop.
Note: If you don’t have a CD-ROM disc drive, you can order a set of floppy
disks of the AppleVision software. See the service and support information
that came with your monitor for more information.
Installing and Using AppleVision Software