Apple 850AV Computer Monitor User Manual

Connecting all audio and video cables to the back of your computer
When you record a video with sound, you can connect all the video
equipment to the back of your computer if your computer has S-video or
video ports as well as sound input and sound output ports for the monitor’s
sound cable.
To set up your computer for this configuration, follow these steps:
1 Assemble the cables you need to connect the VCR.
You need the following cables (available at an electronics supply store):
m video cable with S-video connectors or RCA plugs at each end (If you’re
using a video cable with RCA plugs, you’ll also need an adapter cable if
your computer does not have a composite video port.)
m audio cable with dual RCA plugs at one end and a 3.5-mm stereo miniplug
at the other end
m audio cable with dual RCA plugs at each end
2Attach one end of the video cable into the Video Out port on the VCR.
Follow the instructions that came with the VCR.
Dual RCA plug
Stereo miniplug
Adapter for composite video
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