Apple 850AV Computer Monitor User Manual

The S-video connector is a round plug with several small metal pins. You can
plug the S-video input connector into your computer’s S-video input port and
the S-video output connector into your computer’s S-video output port.
The S-video connector resembles other Mac OS–based computer
connectors, such as those for a printer, modem, mouse, or keyboard. Don’t
confuse the connectors; they are not interchangeable.
Some video devices use composite video format instead of S-video. The
cables for these devices have RCA-type plugs.
If your video equipment has an RCA-type plug and you don’t have a
composite video port on your Mac OS–based computer, you’ll need an
adapter to connect your video equipment to the S-video port on your
computer. The adapter converts an RCA plug into an S-video plug. You can
purchase one from an Apple-authorized dealer or electronics supply store.
RCA plug
S-video connector
Using Sound and Video With Your AppleVision 850