Apple 850AV Computer Monitor User Manual

Tur ning th e m onito r o n
To tur n on the monitor for the first time:
1Plug in the computer’s power cord.
2Press the power button on the monitor.
If you plug your monitor directly into your computer, no power indicator light
goes on until you start up your computer. If you plug your monitor into a wall
outlet, the monitor’s amber power indicator light goes on. When you start up
your computer, the indicator light turns green.
3 Start up your computer and wait a few seconds.
The green power indicator light goes on. If the power indicator light does not
go on, press the monitor’s power button again. If this doesn’t work, make sure
you’ve connected the monitor cable and power cord properly. (See
“Connecting the Monitor to Your Computer” earlier in this chapter.) Also,
make sure your computer is turned on and no energy-saving or screen-saving
features are active. The power indicator light on the monitor is amber when
an energy-saving program is on.
Power indicator light
Power button
AV Display
Setting Up Your Monitor