Apple 850AV Computer Monitor User Manual

Note: When you save energy, you save natural resources and reduce
pollution. Although the AppleVision 850 and 850
AV contain features that
automatically save energy, you can increase the energy savings by turning the
computer off if you won’t be using it for awhile—for example, overnight or
over the weekend.
For more information about power-saving and environmental features, see
Appendix B.
Setting up Energy Saver
To use the Energy Saver control panel, follow these steps:
1Choose Control Panels from the Apple (
) menu.
If you’re using System 7.5, a pop-up menu appears. If you’re using System 7.1,
a window opens showing all the control panels.
2Choose Energy Saver or double-click the Energy Saver icon to open the Energy Saver
control panel.
3Make the following choices in the control panel:
If you’ve installed the AppleVision software that came with your
monitor and the Energy Saver icon still doesn’t appear or the Energy Saver
control panel doesn’t look like the one above, you may have a different type
of energy-saving software. In this case, instructions in this section don’t apply.
See Macintosh (or Mac OS) Guide for instructions on saving energy. To open
Macintosh Guide, choose Macintosh Guide from the Guide menu (marked
with the h icon) when the Finder is active.
Note: Not all Mac OS–based computers work with Energy Saver. See
“Troubleshooting Common Problems” in Chapter 5 for more information.
Installing and Using AppleVision Software
Click to turn Energy
Saver on or off.
When there’s an X
in this box, Energy
Saver is on.
If Energy Saver is on, slide this control to determine
how long Energy Saver will wait without activity before
darkening the screen.