Apple 850AV Computer Monitor User Manual

m Use the ColorSync System Profile control panel in the Apple (K) menu
to select the AppleVision 9300 profile if your white point is set to
9300 + 8MPCD. If you calibrate your monitor to a white point setting
other than 9300 + 8MPCD, create a custom profile and select it as the
system profile instead. See Monitors & Sound Guide or the Monitors
& Sound doc.pdf file for more information on creating custom ColorSync
m Share custom ColorSync profiles describing your AppleVision color
settings with others to help ensure color accuracy for images you
create using your AppleVision monitor. See Monitors & Sound Guide
or the Monitors & Sound doc.pdf file for information on exporting
ColorSync profiles.
m When printing in color, check to see if the printing options include a
setting for ColorSync. For example, for the Apple LaserWriter 12/600 PS,
turn on ColorSync by clicking the Options button and selecting “ColorSync
Color Matching.”
m If your scanning program has a ColorSync option, use it. This embeds a
ColorSync profile within the scanned image file, and ColorSync will be
better able to reproduce the original colors on your monitor and printer.
m Don’t try to use two color-matching systems at once on your computer.
Some applications install other color-matching systems. These should
either be removed or disabled if you want to use ColorSync.
Using ColorSync