Apple 850AV Computer Monitor User Manual

Monitors & Sound Guide provides onscreen help on how to use AppleVision
Monitors & Sound Guide provides information about the following topics:
sound, monitors (AppleVision extras), monitors (standard settings), and
troubleshooting. Click the Topics button to open these topic areas and
choose a topic. Then, select a question in the list and click OK to open
detailed instructions.
Tips for using Monitors & Sound Guide
When you can’t find the information you need
m In searching for help topics, use all three buttons at the top of Guide’s
initial window: Topics, Index, and Look For.
m If you’re in a series of steps and want to return to the list of help topics,
click the button marked Topics in the Guide window.
When you can’t see what’s behind the Guide window
Guide windows stay in front of other windows on the screen so that your
instructions are never covered.
m Drag a Guide window by its title bar to move it out of the way.
m Click the zoom box once to shrink a Guide window. (To expand the
window, click the zoom box a second time.)
Installing and Using AppleVision Software