Apple 850AV Computer Monitor User Manual

Because ColorSync information becomes part of your output files, you don’t
have to worry about losing the profile or using the wrong profile with the
wrong image. Additionally, ColorSync profiles are in the standard
International Color Consortium (ICC) format recognized by Microsoft
Windows, Mac OS, and other systems.
When you work with an image that has an embedded ColorSync or ICC
profile, ColorSync identifies the colors that your monitor or printer can
reproduce by examining their ColorSync profile. It compares their capabilities
with those of the system used to create the image (as described in the
embedded profile), and then picks appropriate, matching colors. For example,
your monitor may be able to display a vivid red, but your printer inks may not
be able to produce that color. ColorSync determines the “next best” color for
your printer to use.
ColorSync performs color matching by comparing each profile to an
independent color standard. ColorSync uses the CIE color standard, which
describes colors in terms of how they are perceived by the human eye under
specific lighting conditions. (CIE stands for the Commission International de
l’Eclairage, the International Commission on Illumination, which created the
standard in 1931.)
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