Apple 850AV Computer Monitor User Manual

3Double-click the CD icon to see what’s on the CD-ROM disc.
The AppleVision Software CD window opens.
4Double-click the folder that contains your language preference.
For example, if you’d like to install AppleVision software in English,
double-click the English folder.
5Double-click the AppleVision Software folder.
6Double-click the AppleVision Read Me file and read the document.
The AppleVision Read Me file contains important information about the
applications included with your AppleVision software. It also provides a list of
installed software for your reference.
7Choose Quit from the File menu when you’re finished reading.
8Double-click the AppleVision Installer icon to start the Installer program.
A welcome screen appears.
9Click Continue.
The software license agreement dialog box appears.
Note: Be sure you’re acting within the terms of the software license
agreement before you agree to install this software on your computer. The
license agreement specifies how many copies of the program you can make
for yourself and others.
Chapter 2