Apple 850AV Computer Monitor User Manual

This chapter includes information on the care and cleaning of your monitor,
protecting your monitor from theft, and troubleshooting.
Care and cleaning
m Do not block the monitor’s vents.
m Do not let liquid get on or into the monitor.
m If you will not be using your monitor and computer for a long period of
time (a day or more), make sure you turn off the computer (and your
monitor, if necessary).
To cl e a n the case and screen of the monitor:
1 Turn your computer and monitor off.
2Disconnect the monitor’s power cord.
If the monitor’s power cord is connected to a grounded wall outlet, disconnect
the power plug from the outlet.
If the monitor’s power cord is connected to the back of your computer,
disconnect the monitor’s power plug from the back of the monitor.
3Wipe the case surfaces lightly with a clean, soft cloth dampened with water.
Don’t use aerosol sprays, solvents, or abrasives that might damage the finish
on the case.
Tips and Troubleshooting