Apple 850AV Computer Monitor User Manual

About the Monitors & Sound control panel
The Monitors & Sound control panel allows you to control the way your
computer displays images and processes sound. Because different computers
have different capabilities, Monitors & Sound automatically adjusts itself
based on the video and sound capabilities of the computer and monitor you’re
using. That’s why the Monitors & Sound control panel shown in this manual
may appear slightly different on your computer.
If you have more than one monitor attached to your computer, a separate
Monitors & Sound control panel will appear on each one, allowing you to
customize your settings for each monitor separately.
Opening Monitors & Sound
There are two ways to open the Monitors & Sound control panel:
m Choose Control Panels from the Apple (K) menu; then select Monitors
& Sound.
m Press one of the control buttons under the screen on the left front of your
AppleVision monitor.
After a moment, the Monitors & Sound control panel appears on your screen.
Installing and Using AppleVision Software