Apple 850AV Computer Monitor User Manual

Monitors & Sound control panel for Mac OS–based computers
Detailed instructions for AppleVision software are provided in
Macintosh Guide (called Mac OS Guide on some computers) and Monitors &
Sound Guide. System 7.1 users can view AppleVision software instructions in
Adobe Acrobat Reader by opening the Monitors & Sound doc.pdf file
(located in the AppleVision Extras folder).
The name of your monitor doesn’t appear in the Monitors & Sound control panel.
m After you set up your AppleVision monitor, make sure the monitor power
is on and restart your computer.
m Make sure the ADB connector on the monitor cable is plugged directly into
your computer’s ADB port.
m Make sure you’ve installed the AppleVision software that came with
your monitor. See “Installing AppleVision Software” in Chapter 2 for
more information.
m You may be using a video card that’s not compatible with your monitor.
Contact the manufacturer of the video card for information.
A message appears, “This version of system software is not supported by the
AppleVision software.”
m Make sure you’re using System 7.1 or later.
m If this message appears in the AppleVision software installer, make sure
you select the startup hard disk in the Installation dialog box.
A message appears, “The AppleVision preferences are invalid and may have
become corrupted.”
m Delete the AppleVision Preferences folder on your hard disk and restart
your computer.
A message appears, “An error has occurred reading from or writing to a file.”
m Make sure you are not starting up from a non-writable disk, such as a CD,
a locked hard drive, or a floppy disk.
Chapter 5