Apple 850AV Computer Monitor User Manual

Monitors & Sound buttons at a glance
The large buttons across the top of the Monitors & Sound control panel are
used to select different options. See Monitors & Sound Guide or the Monitors
& Sound doc.pdf file for detailed information on using the AppleVision
Button Description
Use the Monitor button to adjust color depth, resolution, contrast, and
brightness settings.
Use the Arrange button to configure more than one monitor. This button appears on
your screen if you have more than one video port on your computer.
Use the Sound button to adjust your computer system’s sound. You can also set the
volume and balance for speakers attached to your computer, choose sound input
devices such as a microphone or CD player, and select sound output quality.
Use the Alerts button to change your computer’s alert sound.
Use the Geometry button to change the image options for your monitor. You can
change the size and shape of the screen image, adjust convergence, and turn
overscan on and off.
Use the Color button to change color calibration, gamma curve, white point, and
ambient light settings, and to import or export a ColorSync profile. (For more
information on ColorSync, see Appendix A.)
Use the Monitor Sound button to control the monitor’s internal speakers and devices
connected to your AppleVision 850
Display. (These features are not available on
the AppleVision 850 Display.)
Chapter 2