Apple 850AV Computer Monitor User Manual

Specifying colors using the Pantone Matching System
In some application programs, you can use Apple Color Picker to specify
Pantone colors. The Pantone Color Picker extension is automatically installed
along with the rest of the AppleVision software.
For example, in a variety of applications, Apple Color Picker is automatically
launched when a new color needs to be specified. Often, a menu of several
different color systems is available to choose from. When you select Pantone,
a dialog box appears.
By selecting Pantone matching colors, you are assured of a close match
between what you see on your monitor and the printed version. Pantone Color
Picker may look different on your computer.
If Pantone colors are not available in the Color Picker menu, click the More
Choices button; then select Pantone.
Conserving energy
Use the Energy Saver control panel to tell the monitor whether to conserve
energy after a specified period of inactivity.
You can use the control panel with your AppleVision monitor or any other
Apple monitor that complies with the United States Environmental Protection
Agency’s Energy Star program. (Look for the EPA Energy Star logo on the
monitor box.)
Chapter 2