Apple 850AV Computer Monitor User Manual

6 Insert the
AppleVision Software
CD-ROM disc into your CD-ROM disc drive.
If you do not have a CD-ROM disc drive, see the service and support
information that came with your monitor for information on how to order
floppy disks.
7Click the Have Disk button.
8Choose the CD-ROM disc drive and click OK.
If an error occurs, make sure you’ve selected the correct disc drive.
9Choose the AppleVision 850 in the Monitor Type field and click OK.
Yo u’re now ready to use the AppleVision monitor with your computer.
Screen controls at a glance
The buttons on the front of your monitor provide a quick way to adjust the
screen image. In most cases, you won’t need to adjust the screen image unless
you make changes to screen resolution.
Use the following buttons to make screen image adjustments:
The contrast and brightness adjustments have an onscreen indicator that
appears when you press the contrast and brightness control buttons on the
front of your monitor. When you make an adjustment, the indicator bar moves
to show the current setting. When you’ve finished making adjustments, the
indicator disappears automatically.
Control buttons
Use these buttons to make screen
image adjustments. See “Using
Onscreen Controls” later in this chapter.
Contrast controls
to increase
contrast; press
decrease contrast.
Brightness controls
to increase
brightness; press
decrease brightness.
Power button
Press to turn
power on or off.
Using Your Monitor With Windows-Based Computers