Apple 850AV Computer Monitor User Manual

Power-saving and environmental features
AppleVision monitors are equipped with energy-saving features that allow the
monitors to conserve energy when the computer is not in use. The color of
the power indicator light on the front of the monitor indicates the operating
Mode Power consumption: watts (W) Power indicator
Normal <150 W (850) Green
<180 W (850
Monitor sleep <30 W (850 and 850AV)Orange
System sleep <5 W (850) Orange
<5 W (850
AV with speakers off)
<30 W (850AV with speakers on)
For instructions on adjusting the system and monitor sleep settings, and
additional energy-conservation information, see “Conserving Energy” in
Chapter 2. System 7.5 (or later) users should also see Macintosh Guide (also
called Mac OS Guide).
m TCO 92 compliant
This product has been certified by TCO (the Swedish confederation of
Professional Employees) to meet global standard safety tests and have
energy-saving features such as automatic monitor power down and reduced
electromagnetic fields.
m MPR II compliant to ensure reduced electromagnetic and
electrostatic emissions
m Energy Star compliant
This product complies with the United States Environmental Protection
Agency’s Energy Star criteria for energy-efficient office products. The EPA
Energy Star Office Equipment program is a partnership program to
promote energy-efficient personal computers, monitors, printers, fax
machines, and copiers. Reducing the energy consumption from this
equipment can help combat smog, acid rain, and climate change by
decreasing emissions from electricity generation.
m DPMS compliant
Appendix B