Apple 850AV Computer Monitor User Manual

Setting up your monitor to record a video with sound
The following sections describe how to use your AppleVision 850AV Display
to record a video with sound. To record a video with sound, you must have a
Mac OS–based computer that supports video. For more information about
connecting and using video equipment with your computer, see the manuals
that came with your computer and video equipment.
About video equipment
If you have a Mac OS–based computer that supports video, you can connect
video equipment so that you can display, edit, and store video images on the
computer. You can also view or record images on a television or video cassette
recorder (VCR).
Your Mac OS–based computer can work with two major video formats:
m S-video, a high-quality video format used by many video cameras and
m composite video, a video format used by televisions, most VCRs, and laser
disc players
To find out which format your equipment uses, check the manual that came
with your equipment.
Mac OS–based computers that support video have S-video ports, composite
video ports, or both. The video input port brings in images from connected
external equipment such as a VCR. The video output port sends images out
from the computer to the external equipment.
Using Sound and Video With Your AppleVision 850