Dell NX200 Personal Computer User Manual

98 Installing System Components
Connect the system fan power cable to the system board.
Replace the cooling shroud. See "Installing the Cooling Shroud" on page 83.
Replace the expansion card stabilizer. See "Installing the Expansion Card
Stabilizer" on page 81.
Close the system. See "Closing the System" on page 80
Lay the system upright on a flat surface.
Reattach any peripherals and connect the system to an electrical outlet.
Turn on the system and attached peripherals.
System Memory
Your system supports DDR3 unbuffered ECC DIMMs (UDIMMs). Single
DIMMs can be 1333-MHz.Your system supports single-channel mode and
dual-channel mode. The system contains a total of six memory sockets.
UDIMM supports single-rank DIMMs. The maximum memory that is
supported on your system varies according to the types and sizes of memory
modules being used: 1 GB and 2 GB UDIMMs are supported for a total of up
to 12 GB.
General Memory Module Installation Guidelines
To ensure optimal performance of your system, observe the following general
guidelines when configuring your system memory.
NOTE: Memory configurations that fail to observe these guidelines can prevent
your system from starting and producing any video output.
RDIMMs and UDIMMs cannot be mixed.
Except for memory channels that are unused, all populated memory
channels must have identical configurations.
Memory modules of different sizes can be mixed in A1-A3 or B1-B3
(for example, 2-GB and 4-GB), but all populated channels must have
identical configurations. Page 98 Monday, August 9, 2010 3:07 PM