Dell NX200 Personal Computer User Manual

44 About Your System
Quad rank DIMM
detected after
single rank or
dual rank DIMM in
Invalid memory
Ensure that the memory
modules are installed in a
valid configuration.
See "General Memory
Module Installation
Guidelines" on page 98.
Read fault
Requested sector
not found
The operating system cannot
read from the hard drive,
optical drive, or USB device,
the system could not find a
particular sector on the disk,
or the requested sector is
Replace the optical medium,
USB medium or device.
Ensure that the
SATA backplane, USB,
or SATA cables are
properly connected.
See "Troubleshooting a USB
Device" on page 130,
"Troubleshooting an Optical
Drive" on page 140,
or "Troubleshooting a Hard
Drive" on page 141 for the
appropriate drive(s) installed
in your system.
SATA Portx
device not found
There is no device connected
to the specified SATA port.
Information only.
SATA port x
SATA port x
SATA port x
device error
The drive connected to the
specified SATA port is faulty.
Replace the faulty drive.
Table 1-2. System Messages
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