Dell NX200 Personal Computer User Manual

About Your System 45
Sector not found
Seek error
Seek operation
Faulty hard drive, USB
device, or USB medium.
Replace the USB medium
or device. Ensure that the
USB or SATA backplane
cables are properly
See "Troubleshooting a USB
Device" on page 130 or
"Troubleshooting a Hard
Drive" on page 141 for the
appropriate drive(s) installed
in your system.
Shutdown failure General system error. See "Getting Help" on
page 157.
The amount of
system memory
has changed
Memory has been added or
removed or a memory
module may be faulty.
If memory has been added or
removed, this message is
informative and can be
ignored. If memory has not
been added or removed,
check the SEL to determine
if single-bit or multi-bit
errors were detected
and replace the faulty
memory module.
See "Troubleshooting System
Memory" on page 137.
Table 1-2. System Messages
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