Dell NX200 Personal Computer User Manual

About Your System 49
Warning: A fatal
error has caused
system reset!
Please check the
system event log!
A fatal system error
occurred and caused
the system to reboot.
Check the SEL for
information that was logged
during the error. See the
applicable troubleshooting
section in "Troubleshooting
Your System" on page 129 for
any faulty components
specified in the SEL.
Warning: Control
Panel is not
The control panel is not
installed or has a faulty
cable connection.
Install the control panel, or
check the cable connections
between the display module,
the control panel board,
and the system board. See
"Control Panel Assembly" on
page 120.
Warning! No micro
code update
loaded for
processor n
Micro code update failed. Update the BIOS firmware.
See "Getting Help" on
page 157.
Warning! Power
required exceeds
PSU wattage.
Check PSU and
degraded. CPU and
memory set to
frequencies to
meet PSU wattage.
System will
The system configuration of
processor, memory modules,
and expansion cards may
not be supported by the
power supply.
If any system components
were just upgraded,
return the system to the
previous configuration.
If the system boots without
this warning, then the
replaced component(s) are
not supported with this
power supply. See "Chassis
Intrusion Switch" on
page 118.
Table 1-2. System Messages
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