Dell NX200 Personal Computer User Manual

86 Installing System Components
4 Open the hard-drive carrier release handle to release the drive.
See Figure 3-8.
Slide the hard drive out until it is free of the drive bay.
Remove the hard drive from the carrier. See "Removing a Hot-Swap
Hard Drive From a Hard-Drive Carrier" on page 88.
Insert a drive blank in the vacated drive bay. See "Installing a Hard-Drive
Blank" on page 85.
Replace the front bezel. See "Installing the Front Bezel" on page 76.
CAUTION: To maintain proper system cooling, all empty hard-drive bays must
have drive blanks installed.
Figure 3-8. Removing or Installing a Hot-Swap Hard Drive
1 release button 2 hard-drive carrier handle
3 hard-drive carrier
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