Dell NX200 Personal Computer User Manual

148 Running the System Diagnostics
Display, print, or save test results
Temporarily suspend testing if an error is detected or terminate testing
when a user-defined error limit is reached
View help messages that briefly describe each test and its parameters
View status messages that inform you if tests are completed successfully
View error messages that inform you of problems encountered
during testing
When to Use the Embedded System Diagnostics
If a major component or device in the system does not operate properly,
component failure may be indicated. As long as the microprocessor and the
system's input/output devices are functioning, you can use the embedded
system diagnostics to help identify the problem.
Running the Embedded System Diagnostics
The embedded system diagnostics program is run from the Unified Server
Configurator (USC) screen.
CAUTION: Use the embedded system diagnostics to test only your system. Using
this program with other systems may cause invalid results or error messages.
As the system boots, press <F10>.
in the left pane and click
Launch Diagnostics
in the
right pane.
The Diagnostics menu allows you to run all or specific diagnostics tests
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