Dell NX200 Personal Computer User Manual

16 About Your System
Setup Menu
NOTE: When you select an option in the Setup menu, you must confirm the option
before proceeding to the next action.
Option Description
NOTE: If an iDRAC6 Express
card is installed on the
system, the BMC option is
replaced by DRAC.
Select DHCP or Static IP to configure the network
mode. If Static IP is selected, the available fields are IP,
Subnet (Sub), and Gateway (Gtw). Select Setup DNS
to enable DNS and to view domain addresses. Two
separate DNS entries are available.
Set error Select SEL to display LCD error messages in a format
that matches the IPMI description in the SEL. This can
be useful when trying to match an LCD message with
an SEL entry.
Select Simple to display LCD error messages in a
simplified user-friendly description. See "LCD Status
Messages" on page 23 for a list of messages in
this format.
Set home Select the default information to be displayed on the
LCD Home screen. See "View Menu" on page 17 to
see the options and option items that can be selected to
display by default on the Home screen. Page 16 Monday, August 9, 2010 3:07 PM