Dell NX200 Personal Computer User Manual

116 Installing System Components
Close the system. See "Closing the System" on page 80.
Place the system upright on a flat surface.
Reattach any peripherals and connect the system to an electrical outlet.
Turn on the system and attached peripherals.
Press <F2> to enter the System Setup program, and check that the processor
matches the new system configuration. See "Entering the
System Setup Program" on page 52.
Run the system diagnostics to verify that the new processor operates correctly.
See "Running the Embedded System Diagnostics" on page 148 for
information about running the diagnostics.
System Battery
The system battery is a 3.0-volt (V), coin-cell battery.
Replacing the System Battery
WARNING: There is a danger of a new battery exploding if it is incorrectly
installed. Replace the battery only with the same or equivalent type recommended
by the manufacturer. See your safety information for additional info.
CAUTION: Many repairs may only be done by a certified service technician.
You should only perform troubleshooting and simple repairs as authorized in your
product documentation, or as directed by the online or telephone service and
support team. Damage due to servicing that is not authorized by Dell is not
covered by your warranty. Read and follow the safety instructions that came
with the product.
Turn off the system, including any attached peripherals, and disconnect
the system from the electrical outlet.
Open the system. See "Opening the System" on page 79.
Replace the expansion card stabilizer. See "Installing the Expansion Card
Stabilizer" on page 81. Page 116 Monday, August 9, 2010 3:07 PM