Dell NX200 Personal Computer User Manual

92 Installing System Components
Unpack and prepare the drive for installation. For instructions, see the
documentation that accompanied the drive.
NOTE: Each device attached to a SCSI host adapter must have a unique
SCSI ID number (narrow SCSI devices use IDs 0 to 7; wide SCSI devices
use IDs from 0 to 15). Set the drive's SCSI ID to avoid conflicts with other
devices on the SCSI bus. For the default SCSI ID setting, see the
documentation provided with the drive.
NOTE: There is no requirement that SCSI ID numbers be assigned
sequentially or that devices be attached to the cable in order by ID number.
NOTE: SCSI logic requires that the two devices at opposite ends of
a SCSI chain be terminated and that all devices in between be unterminated.
Enable the drive's termination if it is the last device in a chain of devices (or
sole device) connected to the SCSI controller.
Turn off the system, including any attached peripherals, and disconnect
the system from its electrical outlet.
Open the system. See "Opening the System" on page 79.
Remove the front bezel. See "Removing the Front Bezel" on page 75.
If you are installing a drive into an empty bay:
Remove the EMI filler panel. See "Removing an EMI Filler Panel" on
page 77.
Remove the front bezel insert. See "Removing the Front Bezel Insert"
on page 76.
If you are installing a new drive into a bay that has an optical drive, see
"Removing an Optical Drive" on page 90. Page 92 Monday, August 9, 2010 3:07 PM