Dell NX200 Personal Computer User Manual

Installing System Components 85
Figure 3-7. Removing or Installing a Hard-Drive Blank
Installing a Hard-Drive Blank
Align the hard-drive blank with the drive bay and insert the blank into the
drive bay until the release lever clicks into place.
Removing a Hot-Swap Hard Drive
CAUTION: To prevent data loss, ensure that your operating system supports
hot-swap drive removal and installation. See the documentation provided
with your operating system for more information.
Remove the front bezel
. See
"Removing the Front Bezel" on page 75.
From the RAID management software, prepare the drive for removal.
Wait until the hard-drive indicators on the drive carrier signal that
the drive can be removed safely.
See your controller documentation for
information about hot-swap drive removal.
If the drive has been online, the green
fault indicator will flash as
the drive is powered down. When the drive indicators are off, the drive is
ready for removal.
See "Hard-Drive Indicator Patterns" on page 18.
Press the button on the front of the drive carrier to release the carrier
handle. See Figure 3-8.
1 hard-drive blank 2 release handle
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