Dell NX200 Personal Computer User Manual

36 About Your System
System Messages
System messages appear on the screen to notify you of a possible problem
with the system.
NOTE: If you receive a system message not listed in the table, check the
documentation for the application that is running when the message appears or the
operating system's documentation for an explanation of the message and
recommended action.
Table 1-2. System Messages
Message Causes Corrective Actions
Alert! iDRAC6 not
The iDRAC6 is not
responding to BIOS
communication either
because it is not functioning
properly or has not
completed initialization.
The system will reboot.
Wait for the system to
Alert! iDRAC6 not
Power required
may exceed PSU
system boot
accepts the risk
that system may
power down
without warning.
The iDRAC6 is hung.
The iDRAC6 was remotely
reset while system was
After AC recovery, the
iDRAC6 takes longer than
normal to boot.
Remove AC power to the
system for 10 seconds and
restart the system. Page 36 Monday, August 9, 2010 3:07 PM