Dell NX200 Personal Computer User Manual

Using the System Setup Program and UEFI Boot Manager 59
PCI IRQ Assignment Screen
Serial Communication Screen
Option Description
<PCIe device> Use the <+> and <-> keys to manually select an IRQ
for a given device, or select Default to allow the BIOS to
select an IRQ value at system startup.
Option Description
Serial Communication
(On without Console
Redirection default)
Options are On without Console Redirection, On with
Console Redirection via COM1, and Off.
Serial Port Address Specifies the address of the serial ports.
External Serial Connector
(Serial Device1 default)
Specifies whether Serial Device1, Serial Device2,
or Remote Access Device has access to the external
serial connector.
Failsafe Baud Rate
(115200 default)
Displays the failsafe baud rate used for console
redirection. This rate should not be adjusted.
Remote Terminal Type
(VT100/VT220 default)
Options are VT100/VT220 or ANSI.
Redirection After Boot
(Enabled default)
Enables or disables BIOS console redirection after the
operating system boots. Page 59 Monday, August 9, 2010 3:07 PM