Dell NX200 Personal Computer User Manual

56 Using the System Setup Program and UEFI Boot Manager
Processor Settings Screen
SATA Settings Screen
Option Description
64-bit Specifies if the processor supports 64-bit extensions.
Core Speed Displays the processor clock speed.
Bus Speed Displays the processor bus speed.
Logical Processor
(Enabled default)
On processors that support Simultaneous
Multi-Threading (SMT) technology, each processor core
supports up to two logical processors. If this field is set to
Enabled, the BIOS reports both logical processors. If set
to Disabled, only one logical processor is monitored by
the BIOS.
Virtualization Technology
(Enabled default)
NOTE: Disable this feature if your system will not be
running virtualization software.
Enabled permits virtualization software to use the
virtualization technology incorporated in the processor.
Execute Disable
(Enabled default)
Enables or disables execute disable memory protection
Number of Cores per
(All default)
If set to All, the maximum number of cores in the
processor is enabled.
C States
(Enabled default)
When set to Enabled, the processor(s) can operate in all
available power states.
Tur bo Mod e
(Enabled default)
If Turbo Boost Technology is supported by the processor,
enables or disables Turb o Mode .
Processor 1 Family -Model-
Displays the family, model, and stepping of the processor
Option Description
SATA Controller ATA Mode enables the integrated SATA controller.
Off disables the controller.
Port A
(Off default)
Auto enables BIOS support for the device attached to
SATA port A. Off disables BIOS support for the device. Page 56 Monday, August 9, 2010 3:07 PM