Dell NX200 Personal Computer User Manual

40 About Your System
General failure The operating system is
unable to carry out the
This message is usually
followed by specific
information. Note the
information, and take the
appropriate action to resolve
the problem.
information -
please run SETUP
An invalid system
configuration caused a
system halt.
Run the System Setup
program and review the
current settings. See "Using
the System Setup Program
and UEFI Boot Manager" on
page 51.
Faulty keyboard controller;
faulty system board
See "Getting Help" on
page 157.
Keyboard data
line failure
Keyboard stuck
key failure
Keyboard cable connector is
improperly connected or the
keyboard is defective.
Reseat the keyboard cable.
If the problem persists,
see "Troubleshooting a USB
Device" on page 130.
Keyboard fuse has
Overcurrent detected at the
keyboard connector.
See "Getting Help" on
page 157.
Local keyboard
may not work
because all user
accessible USB
ports are
disabled. If
locally, power
cycle the system
and enter system
setup program to
change settings.
The USB ports are disabled
in the system BIOS.
Power down and restart the
system from the power
button, and then enter the
System Setup program to
enable the USB port(s).
See "Entering the System
Setup Program" on page 52.
mode detected
System is in
manufacturing mode.
Reboot to take the system
out of manufacturing mode.
Table 1-2. System Messages
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