Dell NX200 Personal Computer User Manual

50 About Your System
The memory
configuration is
not optimal.
The recommended
is: <message>
Invalid memory
configuration. The system
will run but with
reduced functionality.
Ensure that the memory
modules are installed in a
valid configuration.
See "General Memory
Module Installation
Guidelines" on page 98.
If the problem persists,
see "Troubleshooting System
Memory" on page 137.
Write fault
Write fault on
selected drive
Faulty USB device,
USB medium, optical
drive assembly, hard drive,
or hard-drive subsystem.
Replace the USB medium or
device. Ensure that the USB,
SATA backplane, or
SATA cables are properly
connected. See
"Troubleshooting a USB
Device" on page 130,
"Troubleshooting an Internal
USB Key" on page 139,
and "Troubleshooting a Hard
Drive" on page 141.
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Table 1-2. System Messages
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