Dell NX200 Personal Computer User Manual

Using the System Setup Program and UEFI Boot Manager 71
iDRAC Configuration Utility
The iDRAC Configuration Utility is a pre-boot configuration environment
that allows you to view and set parameters for the iDRAC6 and for the
managed server.
The iDRAC Configuration Utility provides the following features:
Enables fault logging and SNMP alerting.
Provides access to system event log and sensor status.
Allows control of system functions including power on and off.
Functions independently of the system's power state or the system's
operating system.
Provides text console redirection for system setup, text-based utilities,
and operating system consoles.
In addition the iDRAC Configuration Utility enables you to:
Configure, enable, or disable the iDRAC6 local area network through the
embedded NIC1.
Enable or disable IPMI over LAN.
Enable a LAN Platform Event Trap (PET) destination.
Attach or detach the Virtual Media devices.
Change the administrative user name and password and
manage user privileges.
View System Event Log (SEL) messages or clear messages from the log.
For additional information on using iDRAC6, see the documentation for
iDRAC6 and systems management applications.
Entering the iDRAC Configuration Utility
Turn on or restart your system.
Press <Ctrl><E> when prompted during POST.
If your operating system begins to load before you press <Ctrl><E>,
allow the system to finish booting, and then restart your system
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