Dell NX200 Personal Computer User Manual

38 About Your System
NVRAM_CLR jumper
is installed on
system board
NVRAM_CLR jumper is
installed in the clear setting.
CMOS has been cleared.
Move the NVRAM_CLR
jumper to the default
position (pins 3 and 5).
SeeFigure6-1 for jumper
location. Restart the
system and re-enter
the BIOS settings. See
"Using the System Setup
Program and UEFI Boot
Manager" on page 51.
CPU set to
The processor speed may be
intentionally set lower for
power conservation.
If not an intentional setting,
check any other system
messages for possible causes.
CPU x installed
with no memory.
Memory modules are
required but not installed in
the indicated processor’s
memory slots.
Install memory modules for
the processor. See
"Expansion Cards" on
page 103.
Current boot mode
is set to UEFI.
Please ensure
bootable media is
available. Use
the system setup
program to change
the boot mode as
The system failed to boot
because UEFI boot mode
is enabled in BIOS and
the boot operating system
is non-UEFI.
Ensure that the boot mode
is set correctly and that
the proper bootable media
is available. See "Using the
System Setup Program and
UEFI Boot Manager" on
page 51.
available memory
Faulty or improperly
installed memory modules.
Reseat the memory modules.
See "Troubleshooting System
Memory" on page 137.
Table 1-2. System Messages
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