Dell NX200 Personal Computer User Manual

66 Using the System Setup Program and UEFI Boot Manager
Using the System Password
When a system password is assigned, the system prompts for the system
password after the system starts and only those with the password have
full use of the system.
Assigning a System Password
Before assigning a system password, enter the System Setup program and
check the System Password option.
When a system password is assigned, System Password is Enabled. If
Password Status is Unlocked, you can change the system password. If Locked,
you cannot change the system password. Disabling the password jumper on
the system board sets System Password to Disabled, and you cannot change
or enter a new system password.
When a system password is not assigned and the password jumper on the
system board is in the enabled position, System Password is Not Enabled
and Password Status is Unlocked. To assign a system password:
Verify that
Password Status
Highlight the
System Password
option and press <Enter>.
Type your new system password.
You can use up to 32 characters in your password.
As you type, placeholders appear in the field.
The password assignment is not case-sensitive. Certain key combinations
are invalid and if you enter one, the system beeps. To erase a character,
press <Backspace> or the left-arrow key.
NOTE: To escape from the field without assigning a system password, press
<Enter> to move to another field, or press <Esc> prior to completing step 5.
Press <Enter>.
To confirm your password, type it a second time and press <Enter>.
System Password
changes to
. Exit the System Setup program and
begin using your system.
Either reboot the system now for the password protection to take effect or
continue working.
NOTE: Password protection does not take effect until the system reboots. Page 66 Monday, August 9, 2010 3:07 PM