Dell NX200 Personal Computer User Manual

76 Installing System Components
Installing the Front Bezel
Insert the bezel tabs into the bezel tab slots in the chassis. See Figure 3-2.
Press the top end of the bezel into the chassis until the lever locks
into place.
Using the system key, lock the bezel.
Front Bezel Inserts
Removing the Front Bezel Insert
NOTE: Before installing a drive in one or more of the front drive bays, remove the
corresponding insert(s) on the front bezel.
NOTE: Bezel inserts may contain screws on the inside. You can attach the screws
to new drives, as needed.
Remove the front bezel. See "Removing the Front Bezel" on page 75.
Press the insert tab and pull the insert away from the bezel. See Figure 3-3.
Figure 3-3. Removing and Installing the Front Bezel Insert
1 front bezel 2 front bezel insert
3 insert tab
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