Dell NX200 Personal Computer User Manual

Using the System Setup Program and UEFI Boot Manager 63
Exit Screen
Press <Esc> to exit the System Setup program; the Exit screen displays:
Save Changes and Exit
Discard Changes and Exit
Return to Setup
Entering the UEFI Boot Manager
NOTE: Operating systems must be 64-bit UEFI-compatible (for example, Microsoft
Windows Server
2008 x64 version) to be installed from the UEFI boot mode. DOS and
32-bit operating systems can only be installed from the BIOS boot mode.
NOTE: The Boot Mode must be set to UEFI in the System Setup program to
access the UEFI Boot Manager.
The UEFI Boot Manager enables you to:
Add, delete, and arrange boot options
Access the System Setup program and BIOS-level boot options
without rebooting
Turn on or restart your system.
Press <F11> after you see the following message:
<F11> = UEFI Boot Manager
NOTE: The system will not respond until the USB keyboard is active.
If your operating system begins to load before you press <F11>, allow the
system to finish booting, and then restart your system and try again.
AC Power Recovery
(Last default)
Determines how the system reacts when power is
restored. If set to Last, the system returns to the last
power state. On turns on the system after power is
restored. Off allows the system to remain off after
power is restored.
AC Power Recovery Delay
(Immediate default)
Determines when the system restarts after power is
restored. Options are Immediate, Random (a random
value of 30 to 240 seconds), or a user-defined value
of 30 to 240 seconds.
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