Dell NX200 Personal Computer User Manual

42 About Your System
Memory set to
The memory frequency
may be intentionally set
lower for power conservation.
If not an intentional setting,
check any other system
messages for possible causes.
The current memory
configuration may
support only the
minimum frequency.
Ensure that your memory
configuration supports the
higher frequency.
See "General Memory
Module Installation
Guidelines" on page 98.
Memory tests
terminated by
POST memory test was
terminated by pressing the
Information only.
detected on
Invalid memory
configuration. A mismatched
memory module is installed.
Ensure that the memory
modules are installed in
a valid configuration.
See "General Memory
Module Installation
Guidelines" on page 98.
No boot device
Faulty or missing optical
drive subsystem, hard drive,
or hard-drive subsystem, or
no bootable USB key
Use a bootable USB key, CD,
or hard drive. If the
problem persists,
see "Troubleshooting an
Internal USB Key" on
page 139, "Troubleshooting a
USB Device" on page 130,
"Troubleshooting an Optical
Drive" on page 140, and
"Troubleshooting a Hard
Drive" on page 141.
See "Using the System Setup
Program and UEFI Boot
Manager" on page 51 for
information on setting the
order of boot devices.
Table 1-2. System Messages
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