Dell NX200 Personal Computer User Manual

Using the System Setup Program and UEFI Boot Manager 69
Operating With a Setup Password Enabled
If Setup Password is Enabled, you must enter the correct setup password
before modifying most of the System Setup options.
If you do not enter the correct password in three attempts, the system lets you
view, but not modify, the System Setup screens. The following options are
exceptions: If System Password is not Enabled and is not locked through the
Password Status option, you can assign a system password. You cannot disable
or change an existing system password.
NOTE: You can use the Password Status option in conjunction with the Setup
Password option to protect the system password from unauthorized changes.
Deleting or Changing an Existing Setup Password
Enter the System Setup program and select the
System Security
Setup Password
, press <Enter> to access the setup password
window. Press <Enter> twice to clear the existing setup password.
The setting changes to
Not Enabled
If you want to assign a new setup password, perform the steps in "Assigning
a Setup Password."
Embedded System Management
The Unified Server Configurator (USC) is an embedded utility that enables
systems and storage management tasks from an embedded environment
throughout the server’s lifecycle.
The USC can be started during the boot sequence and can function
independently of the operating system.
NOTE: Certain platform configurations may not support the full set of features
provided by USC.
The following features of USC are supported on systems with Baseboard
Management Controller (BMC):
Installing an operating system
Running diagnostics to validate the memory, I/O devices, processors,
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