Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

Welcome 11
Save all packaging in case you need to ship the projector. Always use
the original packaging (or equivalent) when you need to send the
projector to another location.
If you are moving the projector by hand, use the carrying case
included with the projector.
Additional Components
Depending on how you plan to use the projector, you may need
additional components:
To receive an S-Video signal, you need an S-Video cable. One is
usually provided with your video device, or you can purchase it
from EPSON. See page 12.
To receive a component video signal from a VCR or other video
device, you need a D-sub, 15-pin, VGA-to-component video
cable, which is available from EPSON. See page 12.
To amplify your computer’s audio through the projector’s sound
system, you need a computer audio cable (male-to-male 3.5-mm
stereo miniplug cable). See your computer or electronics dealer to
obtain this cable.
Some older PowerBooks and Macintosh desktop models may
need the Macintosh adapter set shown on page 17 (available from
EPSON, as described on page 12). Older iMac systems may need
a special adapter to provide a VGA output port; see your
computer dealer.