Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

38 Using the Projector
3. Press the P
Power button again. The lamp is turned off and the
power light flashes orange for about 20 seconds as the projector
cools down. When the projector has cooled, the light stays orange
and the exhaust fan shuts off.
If you want to turn the projector on again, wait until the orange
light stops flashing. Then press the P
Power button.
4. Retract the front feet as shown.
5. Replace the lens cap and unplug the power cord.
6. Turn off and disconnect any equipment plugged into the
7. If you won’t be using the projector for a while, store it in the soft
case that came with it or in a protective case.
To avoid damaging the
projector or lamp, never
unplug the power cord
when the power light is
green or flashing orange.