Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

Setting Up the Projector 25
Connecting an RGB Video Source
Follow these instructions to connect the projector to a video player
that has an RGB video output port using the VGA computer cable
that came with the projector.
1. Connect one end of the VGA computer cable to the
Computer1/Component Video1 or the
Computer2/Component Video2 port on the projector.
2. Connect the other end to the video port on your player.
3. If you want to play sound through the projector, connect the
optional audio cable (3.5-mm stereo miniplug) as described on
page 20.
Once the projector is turned on, be sure to select
Computer 1 or
Computer 2 (whichever port you used) as the source to see your
image. See page 30.