Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

16 Setting Up the Projector
Connecting to a Computer
You can connect the PowerLite projector to any Macintosh or
-compatible PC that has a standard video output (monitor)
port, including PC notebook and laptop computers, Macintosh
PowerBooks and iBooks, and hand-held devices. You can connect two
computers at the same time.
Follow the instructions in this section to:
Connect the VGA computer cable to the projector
Connect your computer’s monitor cable to the projector (if you
want to view your display on the desktop computer screen)
Connect the mouse cable (if you want to use the remote control as
a mouse)
Connect an optional audio cable (if you’ll be projecting with
Connecting the VGA Computer Cable
Before you start, make sure your computer and the projector are
turned off.
1. If you are connecting the projector to a desktop computer,
disconnect the monitor cable from your computer.
2. Locate the VGA computer cable that
came with the projector.
If you have an iBook with an
RCA video-out port, follow
the instructions for
connecting to a video device
on page 22.
VGA computer cable
If your computer provides
video output through BNC
connectors, you can use the
optional VGA-to-BNC cable
instead. See page 12.