Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

74 Solving Problems
light Status Description
Flashing red at
Internal error There is an internal error in the projector. Turn
the projector off and unplug it. Contact EPSON
for help.
Flashing red at
Lamp failure The lamp is burned out, broken, or not installed
correctly; or the lamp cover is open. Close the
cover or replace or reseat the lamp, if
necessary, as described on page 67. If you
need to replace the lamp, see page 67.
Red Overheating The projector has overheated and turned itself
off. Let it cool for a few minutes, then turn it
back on. Make sure there is plenty of space
around and under the projector for ventilation.
Also clean the air filter. See page 65. If it
continues to overheat, you may need to
replace the air filter.
Flashing orange
The projector is too hot. Make sure the
temperature surrounding the projector does
not exceed 95
°F (35 °C) and there is plenty of
space around and under the projector for
ventilation. Clean the air filter, if necessary.
See page 65 for instructions.
Orange Off Standby (sleep)
The projector is in standby or sleep mode. You
can unplug it or press the P Power button to
turn it on.
Flashing green Off Warming up The projector is warming up. Wait for the
image to appear.
Green Off Operating The projector is operating normally.
Flashing orange Off Cooling down The projector is cooling down. Wait for the light
to stay lit orange without flashing before
unplugging it.