Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

Fine-tuning the Projector 61
If the password is not correct, you see the message “Wrong password.
Please try again.” If you enter an incorrect password three times in
succession, you see the message “The projector’s operation will be
locked. Request code xxxxx” and the projector switches to standby
mode for approximately 5 minutes. Write down the request code.
Then disconnect the projector’s power cord from the electrical outlet,
reconnect it, and turn the projector back on.
When you see the Password Protect Release screen again, you can try
to enter the correct password.
If you have forgotten the password, contact EPSON with the request
code number that appears in the Password Protect Release screen for
assistance. See “Where To Get Help” on page 83.
If you enter an incorrect password nine times in succession, the
projector remains locked and you must contact EPSON to unlock it.
Restoring the Default Settings
The Reset All option lets you return the projector settings to their
default values.
Reset All and press the Enter button on the remote control to
display the confirmation screen. Select
Yes to reset all the default
settings or
No to cancel.
The Input Signal, Video
Signal, User’s Logo, Lamp
Hours, and Language settings
do not return to their defaults
when you select Reset All.