Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

Setting Up the Projector 23
2. Connect the yellow RCA plug on the two-connector end of the
cable to the projector’s yellow
Video jack as shown below.
3. Connect the other yellow plug to the video-out jack on your video
4. To play sound through the projector, connect the black audio
plug on the RCA A/V cable to the projector’s
Audio2 jack.
5. Connect the red and white plugs on the other end of the cable to
the corresponding audio output jacks on your video source.
6. After you turn on your projector, be sure to:
If more than one device is connected to the projector, select
Video when you want to project this source. See page 30.
Open the Audio menu and make sure Audio 2 is selected for
Audio Input setting. See page 51.
The Audio menu also lets
you adjust the volume.