Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

Welcome 9
Using Your Documentation
Your Start Here kit includes a Quick Setup sheet, warranty brochures,
and EPSON PrivateLine
Support card. Store this User’s Guide in the
envelope and keep the envelope with your projector at all times.
The Quick Setup sheet gives instructions to quickly set up your
projector and connect it to a laptop or PowerBook computer.
This book contains all the information you need to set up and use
your projector. Please follow these guidelines as you read through it:
Warnings must be followed carefully to avoid bodily injury.
Cautions must be observed to avoid damage to your equipment.
Notes contain important information about your projector.
Getting More Information
Need tips on giving presentations? How about quick steps for setting
up your projector? Here’s where you can look for help:
Includes a library of articles covering presentation tips, tricks, and
technology. The site provides templates, clip art and sound clips,
as well as Presenters Services to use on the road. Even more
resources and services are available if you register to join the
Presenters Club
—and it’s free.
Built-in help system
Press the Help button on the remote control to get quick
solutions for common problems. See page 72 for details.
Download FAQs (frequently-asked questions) and e-mail your
questions to EPSON support.
If you still need help after checking this User’s Guide and the sources
listed above, you can use the EPSON PrivateLine Support service to
get help fast. Call (800) 637-7661 and enter the PIN on the card in
your Start Here kit. See page 83 for more information.