Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

58 Fine-tuning the Projector
Enabling Password Protection
To prevent unauthorized use of the projector, you can assign it a
password. If you do, a screen appears requesting the password
whenever the projector is turned on. If you enter the password
incorrectly three times in succession, the projector’s operation is
locked and you’ll need to disconnect the power cord, then reconnect it
to redisplay the password screen. If an incorrect password is entered
nine times in a row, the projector is locked and you’ll need to contact
EPSON to unlock it. See “Where To Get Help” on page 83.
If you have created a user’s logo for the projector (as described on
page 56), you can also lock the logo on so it is displayed as the startup
screen and/or AV/Mute screen. Unauthorized users cannot turn it off
or change it. This feature is intended to discourage theft and provides
a way to identify the projector should it be stolen.
Additionally, if someone else will be using the projector for a while
but you want to make sure that person returns it by a certain time, you
can temporarily disable the password for set period. When that time
has elapsed, the password is reactivated and must be entered before the
projector can be used.
Follow the instructions below to first set the password, and then turn
on the password and/or user logo protection. Be sure to set the
password before you turn it on; otherwise, you may lock yourself out
of the projector.
If you should happen to
enable the password before
you set one, and you see the
prompt to enter the
password, enter the default
password: 0000 to proceed.