Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

80 Solving Problems
You see vertical stripes or the image still looks blurry after
trying the solutions in the previous section.
If you’re projecting from a computer and displaying an image that
contains a lot of fine detail, you may notice one or more vertical
stripes or bands, or some of the characters may look heavy or
blurred. Press the
Auto button on the remote control. This resets
the projector’s tracking and sync settings.
If further adjustment is needed, you can fine-tune the Tracking
Sync settings manually using the Image menu as described
on page 49.
1. Fill the screen with an image containing fine detail when
making these adjustments. For example, in Windows you can
select a pattern to appear as your desktop background. Or try
projecting black text on a white background.
2. Adjust the
Tracking to eliminate vertical stripes.
3. Adjust the
Sync to increase the sharpness of the image.
The colors of the image are not right.
Try selecting a different Color Mode.
If you’re displaying video, adjust the Color and Tint settings on
the Image menu. See page 48 for instructions.
Adjust the Brightness and Contrast settings on the Image
Try adjusting the Color Adjustment setting on the Advanced
If the images appear too green or too purple, check that the
Input Signal or Video Input setting is correct on the Image
Check your computer display settings to correct the color balance.
If the image seems dark, the lamp may be nearing time for
replacement. Check the lamp hours as described on page 55 and
replace it, if necessary, as described on page 67.
Because of the different
technologies used, your
projected image may not
exactly match the colors on
your laptop or computer