Garmin 74C Projector User Manual

Fine-tuning the Projector 55
Viewing Lamp Usage and Other
Use the Info menu to view information about the display settings of
your computer and the number of hours the lamp has been used.
1. Press the
Menu button and select the About menu. You see the
lamp usage hours and computer display settings on the right:
The life span of the lamp ranges from about 2000 hours in High
brightness mode to about 3000 hours in Low brightness mode.
If the number shown is close to 2000, make sure you have a spare
lamp handy.
2. When you’re finished, press
Esc or Menu.
If you access the About
menu when the projector
display is set to video, you
only see the lamp life, video
source, and video signal
The lamp usage timer doesn’
register until you’ve used the
lamp for at least 10 hours.
Computer (analog RGB, digital RGB,
RGB Video/Component video,
(YCbCr, YPbPr)
Video (Composite video, S-Video)